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Real-Time Weather Overlays Solution

Real-Time Weather Overlays Solution

Alert and inform your team of up-to-date and live weather conditions during their flight, by using real-time visual weather maps and data.

Gain Weather Insights With Industry Leaders.

Spidertracks is partner with Baron, the leaders in aviation weather intelligence, to give aviators access to real-time weather information alongside real-time flight tracking and visuals within the Spidertracks platform.

Simple, Powerful, Accurate, Real-Time.
Easily apply a weather view to your flight tracking map with a simple click or tap.

Keep Your Team Informed.
If your ground team sees an unexpected change in weather conditions, you can redirect and alert your team by sending them a message via Spidertxt.

What Information Can I See?
Access our full suite of weather overlays on any device — desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile — at no additional cost.

  • High Resolution North America Radar
  • Australia Radar
  • Canada Radar
  • Global Radar (Satellite Derived)
  • Global Infrared Satellite
  • Global Lighting Heat Map
  • Global Winds Aloft (1’000ft, 5’000ft & 10’000ft)
  • METARs
  • NOTAMs
  • TAFs