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Real-Time Aircraft Communication Solution

Real-Time Aircraft Communication Solution

Spidertxt gives you the ability to directly communicate to and from the cockpit, with reliable connectivity and coverage spanning the globe.

Communicate from anywhere, on any device.
Spidertxt sends messages from person to person, user to user. These can be sent from aircraft-to-aircraft, aircraft-to-ground, or ground-to-ground — simple.

No cellular reception — no problem.
Send unlimited messages to and from your aircraft’s cockpit, regardless of whether or not the aircraft has cellular reception. This is made possible via our dedicated channel on the Iridium® satellite network.

Use the Spidertracks Mobile App to send a message directly from your mobile device — available on both iOS and Android.

Change of plan? Re-route and reduce waste.
Don’t wait for your aircraft to be in the wrong place. Instead, use Spidertxt to communicate with your team, and redirect them on-the-go. Save time, save money, and continue to increase efficiencies in your business.

Get Safety Equipped.
Spiders are your ultimate companion in the cockpit. Equip your team the right tools to stay connected, and give them the ability to transmit key aviation flight data, no matter where they fly.

Our a simple plug-and-play hardware devices allow you to seamlessly (and affordably) integrate with your aircraft and the Spidertracks cloud-based software platform.

Communicate with your crew any time, anywhere using Spidertxt.