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Aviation Emergency SOS Solution

Aviation Emergency SOS Solution

Be informed and ensure the best possible outcome in an aircraft SOS scenario.

Enable Rapid Response.
Receive up to 12 position reports per minute, using Virtual FDR™ technology. If an aircraft is lost or out of contact, you can promptly retrieve the precise last known location from any internet-connected device, and provide this to the emergency response team. In addition, you can easily export tracks and provide them to third parties if needed.
Help Within Arm’s Reach.
A Spider in the cockpit gives your flight crew easy access to a prominent SOS button*. With one push, you and your team will be instantly alerted that an SOS event is occurring and your emergency management process can begin automatically.

Automated Emergency Framework
By assigning Tier 1 and Tier 2 contacts, they will be instantly alerted within minutes via text and / or email notifications, for any SOS situation.
Emergency SOS messages are sent within minutes of an SOS alert — first, to your nominated contacts, then to the second tier of support, including rescue services.

Timing is Everything.
If 15 minutes pass with no report, the Spidertracks platform will automatically start your emergency management process.
This includes sending the last recorded position, speed, altitude and direction, making the search area a matter of a few square meters, not thousands. SAR teams can reach the site in minutes, not hours.

Peace of Mind:
Provide your pilots and crew with the comfort of knowing  someone is watching out for their safety in the air at all times, and their aircraft can be located quickly in a worst case scenario.

Quick Recovery & Support
In an SOS situation, getting help to your team during the golden hour can be critical. Equip your team with the tools they need for a quick and effective search and rescue.

Always Connected
Spidertracks operates wherever you fly, regardless of cellular reception or local infrastructure. A dedicated Iridium satellite channel means no black spots of loss of coverage.

Help Your Team in an Emergency