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Flight Data Monitoring Solution

Flight Data Monitoring Solution

Powerful Reporting With Insights

​Insights extends our Virtual FDR™ technology, enabling you to set, analyse, filter and download digital flight data from your aircraft — wirelessly*. Visual reporting dashboards give you the ability to easily interpret this flight data, helping you to make better, well-informed decisions.

Replay Your Flights With 360º Clarity

View historical flights in high resolution 3D, right within the Spidertracks platform. Use this to help mitigate future risks, review with pilots for post-flight analysis, improve training practices and decision making, and highlight key areas where you can increase efficiencies for flights and operations.

Virtual FDR™ provides you with access to invaluable flight data and insights — wirelessly and automatically, without complex installation.

HD Flight Tracks — Real-Time Tracking

View high-resolution flight tracks, and see exactly where your aircraft are flying. Heading changes trigger five-second reporting and a GPS transmission upon completion — providing you with a smoother track and more precise data.

Accessible Flight Data With Spider X

Spider X hardware is small and lightweight that fits that in the palm of your hand — simply plug in and play. Spider X gives you access to Virtual FDR™, Insights, real-time aircraft tracking, and reliable two-way communication for a smarter, safer journey.

Elevate Your Safety To New Heights With Virtual FDR™