Company Profile

Relying on more than two decades of experience in the satellite telecommunication industry, Athena Telecommunication Co. Started its operation in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in late 2021.

The knowledge and experience gained from previous successful projects are presented in a novel manner and on a greater scale. Dubai has transformed into a center of blooming talents and capacities thanks to the discernment and planning of UAE’s leaders.

Today, Dubai is known as a regional and international hub for the supply of products and services, and many of the world’s major and reputable firms are establishing their regional branches in Dubai to offer their services and products to consumers in a quicker and better way. Regarding Dubai’s current and future status, Athena Telecom Co. Has planned for a successful and long-lasting presence in this city.

Although Athena Telecom has been selected as a representative and distributor of many reputable telecommunication companies, its principal goal is to be known as a provider of smart solutions.


To become a global corporation and a symbol of intelligence, environmental preservation, and trust. Athena utilizes smart solutions and communications to provide the ultimate safety and convenience and to create a delightful life for its customers on land, in the sea and in the sky.


Creating smart telecommunication solutions and technology to bring a safe, convenient and delightful life for humankind, the environment, and all the creatures of the planet. We ensure the permanence of the firm’s path and the preservation of the earth and its environment for future generations by training an expert, engaged, and committed workforce. The examination of the previous experiences, a command of the current knowledge, and future research are necessary tools for achieving the aforementioned goals.

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  • Commitment: Commitment is not a choice, but a necessity. In Athena, we are bound by our commitments under any circumstances.
  • Focus on customer’s needs: Understanding and recognizing customer’s needs call for experience and knowledge, which are among Athena’s resources.
  • Creativity: We bring ideas to life and know no boundaries for desire and imagination. The knowledge and experience are combined with a touch of creativity, and the novel, practical solutions would serve as Athena’s impetus for progress.
  • Flexibility: The customer-friendly methods of sale for products and services would offer a unique shopping and communication experience which results in the customers’ loyalty to Athena.
  • Outcomes and effectiveness: In Athena, solutions lead to the desired outcome and customer satisfaction.
  • Nobility and transparency: Athena’s commercial, operational, and financial processes are adjusted to be transparent and free of any complexity. Transparency is a sign of Athena’s nobility and professionalism.
  • Credibility: In Athena, the commitments and spoken words are acted upon.
  • Development and progress: The sustainability of knowledge-based companies depends on constant research and development in all aspects. Athena is no exception in this regard, and we always try to allocate a significant amount of our revenue to research and development in all aspects.